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Exotic Style With A Modern Touch - Vietnam

Handmade embroidered accessories, handwoven textiles, and bold design.
 The Hmong tribal women care about the way they look. They see their clothing and accessories as a way to express themselves. Their inventive spirits leave you wanting not only to spend as much time with them as possible but to try on every item of clothing they make. Each piece of clothing and jewelry is a mix of geometric patterns and carefully chosen colors. It is a work of art that the designer can then wear as their own. It's a way of expressing their personalities through enriched colors, complex patterns, and vivid style.
Everything these women make comes from the earth around them - from the hemp batik to the deep indigo colors. Most women wear the same outfit every day, making an updated version each year. Their accessories are what add variety to their established look. Their earrings, necklaces, and bangles change from day to day varying from large metal hoops to beaded tassels. I left inspired by their confidence and beauty, to say the least.
Her attire is pieced together intricately down to every last detail. Every stitch is sewn with precision until the finish. The ensemble consists of embroidered belts with brilliant colors, hammered or carved earrings, and wrapped headscarves.
What are your GO-TO accessories that make you feel like you?
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