Woman Crush Wednesday: Marley Sherwood

Woman Crush Wednesday: Marley Sherwood

Marley Sherwood, 24, originally from Chicago, has just marked her 3 years in the wonderful city of Nashville. This blonde bombshell has already added CBS Radio, ABC, IndyCar, Windy City Live, and CMT to her resumé. 

"I love working in Television, because not one day is ever the same. I love being ambitions and taking on more than I can handle. It pushes me to work hard and the reward to the outcome," Sherwood. 

"I love traveling, I am on the road a bit for work, and spend most of my time in "airplane mode" Dublin and London are two of Sherwood's favorite cities that she has traveled to so far.

"I am definitely a mix between a girly-girl and a tomboy. I could drink beer and watch sports all day Saturday, but Sunday I might NEED to go shopping and get my nails done."

Chrissy Teigen and Kristin Cavallari are my girl crushes. (Us too!)

1. What is your favorite Nashville Coffee Shop?

- Fido in Hillsboro Village

2. What trend are you most excited about for Spring?

- Off the shoulder tops and high heeled sandals!

3. What is your guilty pleasure TV show?

- FRIENDS and Keeping Up With The Kardashians (I know...I know..)

4. What accessory can you not leave your house without?

-Ray Bans, always needed, even if it's cloudy

5. Are you Team Cats or Team Dogs?

-Never had a pet, but if I have to choose, definitely Team Dogs




“I think being kind and sincere can get you anywhere in life. People might not always remember what work you did, but they will always remember if you were nice.””

— Marley Sherwood


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