A Jewelry Designer Abroad - Cambodia

A Jewelry Designer Abroad - Cambodia

Certain occasions require appropriate attire which requires a purchase or two, can you relate?

Vintage is in and there’s nothing like the ancient Cambodian headdress to bring us back to traditional fashion. Cambodia’s national clothing and most popular attire is the sampot. There are 52 colors used throughout a variety of designs. 22 needles are used to construct the fabric. Most often, it has both floral and geometrical motifs. On a more casual note, they wear these pants that are the bomb. I decided to go with a geometric design with deep maroons, oranges, and yellows that I couldn’t take my eyes off of.

I had just bartered for a pair of beautifully colored Cambodian style pants for 3USD. (Insert wide-eyed open mouth emoji) I was rather excited to have a good looking pair of pants that were light and breathable, given the insane heat. I tied them up around my waist in the front and the back and put on my go-to short sleeved shirt (that I've worn on way too many occasions). As we rode through streets of people, carts, and fruit stands in our tuk tuk, I kept thinking how nice these pants were. Looking down, feeling more breeze than I should, I realized my pants were hiked up into the side of my bag. The pants have slits up the sides and little did I know they go ALL the way up. Luckily, I had a pair of earrings on that I had made out of large brass hooks. I took the wire wrapped pendants off and used the hooks as a sort of safety pin to keep the sides of the pants together. Other than loving the pants, I had originally purchased them because there was a dress code in multiple temples we were heading to that day. The moral of the story - my jewelry saved me from multiple embarrassments and indecencies.


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