How much does it cost?

Prices differ based on the style chain and whether or not you get a ring, bracelet, anklet, or necklace.

Rings range from $48-$78.

Bracelets range from $95-$160.

Anklets range from $105-$170.

Necklaces start at $190 then go up depending on chain style and length of necklace.

What does getting a permanent bracelet mean?  

We custom fit and weld chains directly on to you. This means it fits your wrist perfectly, with no clasp, and should require no maintenance. It's there to glisten & glow and make you smile! 'ZAP' // 'FLASH' simply refers to the light you see when you get it welded onto your wrist.

Does it hurt?

Not at all, it's just a quick pulse weld and it's done. You will see and hear a small spark but that is it!!

What are the chains made of?

All of our chains are 14k solid yellow and white gold. It’s permanent so we only use solid gold to insure that the shine will last forever.

What if it comes off?

We have a 72 hour guarantee for the weld. If your permanent jewelry breaks at the weld spot then we will re-weld it at no cost. If it breaks at any other spot, it will require an assessment for the repair.

All sales are final as this is a custom fit piece of jewelry.

Can I remove it myself?

While we like to think of it as permanent, yes you can remove it, just simply use scissors or jewelry cutters to cut the small jump ring and we will re-weld it at any time for $15+ tax.

Will I have issues going through security at the airport?

Not at all. We have traveled all over with our permanent jewelry with ease. The delicate nature of the chains on top of being solid gold makes going through airport security hassle free.

Can I book a party?

Absolutely, we just ask for a minimum based on your location. Email if you're interested!


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