Coachella is about music, yes, but let’s be honest, it’s about STYLE. The only thing more important than the lineup is what you’re wearing. That edgy outfit sitting in your closet that you’ve been a little too shy to break out, now is the time. Coachella is your excuse. Boho unlike any other style we’ve seen, it’s unique to coachella. Flowy florals and vintage patterns are going to keep you comfortable while expression that inner boho goddess.


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The Veronica earrings are sure to add a touch of glam to any outfit. For those hair up - no shower days, you'll need some wings and these are the ones. The Crescent moon necklace will keep your nights bright and maybe even your days. What can you pair these babies with:

Bodysuit? Yes, it’s time! You can wear them with a maxi skirt or a pair of high waisted blue jeans. Off the shoulder tops, crop tops, and long tee dresses are easy to accessorize and easy to pack. Add a little fringe and you’re good to go.

Break out the cowboy boots and sandals but make sure to get that pedicure because you’re most likely gonna be bare footing it when the music starts.

Your go to hat that completes every outfit, yeah, grab that too! Oh, and don’t forget your statement denim. From your cut offs to your detailed jacket, you must have denim.


It’s basically what your inner self wants to be wearing all day every day that Coachella says OK to.                


See you when the music starts lovelies,


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