Holiday Trends 2017

Holiday Trends 2017

"I love the rich colors of the fall mixed with that winter sparkle. We don’t do many holiday parties but the few we attend I look forward to dressing up in winter cocktail attire with funky sparkly jewels and toasting with champagne to friendship.
-Jonesy Wood

The holiday season is quickly approaching...

The cold weather has arrived.

The decorations are out.

Christmas list are being formed.

So Here are Our Top Five Holiday Trends with Jonesy Wood jewelry to match!

1. The Blazer Dress


 1.Blazer Dress  2.Earrings(top)  3. Earrings(bottom)

2. Winter Florals



1. Mini Dress 2. Marianna Earrings (top) 3. Rapp Earrings (bottom) 4. Floral Maxi Dress 

3. Silk ruffles+Emerald 


1. Ruffle Off the Shoulder Dress 2. Fan Earrings 3. Mid Ruffle Silk Slip Dress
4. Abella Necklace 5. Initial Bracelet 

4. Sequence with a Twist 


1. Saya Tassel(Navy) Necklace 2. Chain Link Bracelet 3. Sequence Pants 
 1. White Statement Dress 2.Crystal Earrings 3.Veronica Earrings

4. Merlot + Gold


1. Velvet Merlot Mini Dress 2. Evelyn Earrings 3. Woven Chain Choker

1.Merlot Sherpa Coat 2.Angel Earrings 3.Millie Earrings 4. Fresha London Cutwork Dress







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