A New Face For February

A New Face For February

So, we're a bit late on the blog, but Happy New Year! Can you believe it's already February?! Whether January felt endless or flew by for you, 2018 is bringing in new jewelry for you babes, and that starts with our latest loves in our "2-Faced Collection". 


What began as a tongue in cheek joke (b*tches can be two-faced, you feel me?), evolved into the idea that we all wear different aspects of our personalities throughout the day. Whether we are performing the title of worker, mother, wife, friend, daughter and BAD ASS (plus SO many other roles- we are limitless), it is important not to forget who we are innately. 



As rewarding as all these responsibilities can be, they can also be taxing on us emotionally, mentally and spiritually. This is where self care becomes so important. And although we believe New Year Resolutions can be a set up for failure, we do subscribe to the idea of continuous self-reflection and growth. 2018 is now well on its way, and our mission will be to continue making fun jewelry that remains classic and chic- at an INCREDIBLE price point. Shop the Collection Here.


And because it's not just about us-we have plans of collaborating with local non-profits in Chattanooga. We are grateful for all of your support, and do not take it for granted. Look out for projects to come this first half of the year. 



Tell us what plans you have for the New Year. We would love to hear them all.
We wish you all an amazing week.


With Love,
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