About Jonesy Wood

Jonesy Wood, nestled in the Chattanooga Valley of Tennessee set with the luscious backdrop of the Smoky Mountains, is an eclectic and one-of-a-kind jewelry shop. Jonesy’s distinctive and exquisite jewelry designs are coveted by locals near and far, but who is Jonesy Wood? What inspires her and her design creations? What does she love? Who does she design for?

Jonesy is an adventurous, free-spirited, stylish and creative designer. After learning about Jonesy, you may be inspired to travel locally or internationally. You might fancy a fine dining experience or a BBQ down by the lake. You may want to attend a music festival or a local concert downtown.

But, there is one guarantee. There is one thing you will most definitely desire after learning about Jonesy. You will want to make one of her signature jewelry creations yours.

Who is Jonesy Wood?

Jonesy Wood is a southern girl, fierce momma, adoring wife, friend to everyone, world traveler and top-notch jewelry designer who loves to either roam the halls of Versailles or enjoys an outdoor camping excursion with her family in Brevard, North Carolina. She doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty in the great outdoors, relaxing by the lake with her kids and sipping chai. But, she also enjoys a lovely glass of Perrier Jouet Belle Epoque while fine dining along Quai Branly admiring views of the Eiffel Tower.

Jonesy Wood was born and raised in the foothills of Chattanooga, Tennessee.  She is the quintessential southern girl and embodies southern charm and grace. You see her southern roots shine through in some of her jewelry designs. She also enjoys traveling and spent a good part of her early adulthood in Colorado. While hitting the slopes in Aspen in the winter or hiking from Aspen to Crested Butte in the summer, Jonesy fell in love with Aspen-style. A down-to-earth, casual, bohemian flair with a touch of sophistication and finesse.

After living for a few years in Colorado, Jonesy missed Tennessee. Her southern roots were calling her back home. So she returned to Tennessee where she opened an upscale ladies clothing boutique called Jonesy’s Upstairs. There she sold high-end apparel inspired by her travels. It was around this time she met the love of her life, Stuart, and after five years in the retail industry she decided to focus on her family and closed her store. 

Around the same time that Jonesy chose to focus on her family, she began designing her own jewelry. In the early days of Jonesy Wood Design, Jonesy sold her distinctive line of jewelry to family and friends.  She also sold her exclusive designs twice a year at a local boutique warehouse sale.

Jonesy and her husband, Stuart (who is also a Commander in the United States Navy) love to travel together and with their three children. Stuart, who was stationed throughout Europe, speaks French fluently and would share his love of global cuisine, culture and language with Jonesy and their children.  Their love of other cultures and languages led them to explore, travel and experience the world together.

Jonesy and Stuart settled their family in St. Elmo, Tennessee, a tiny artsy town in the Chattanooga Valley. They want their children to grow up loving Tennessee as much as they do. But, they also want them to become global citizens — so they own a cute little cottage in Annecy, France, too. Annecy is known as the Venice of the Alps. While St. Elmo and Annecy are located in different parts of the world, the towns are quite similar — they are artistic, eclectic and diverse. The perfect towns to raise their children in.

And, as they work to establish strong southern roots for their family in Tennessee, they also want their children to experience the different flavors and cultures of the world, too. These different immersive experiences are what help inspire Jonesy’s jewelry designs.

What Inspires Jonesy Wood?

Jonesy is inspired by her travels, her family, her roots, different people, cultures and nature. She loves sharing her joys and life experiences with others through her jewelry designs. 

During a visit to Versailles, she was inspired by the famous Hall of Mirrors, the intricate artwork and detail throughout the palace, the neverending and perfectly manicured gardens and hundreds of sculptures. You can see a lot of these exquisite details in her Versailles jewelry collection, from her Aurora Medallion Necklace to her Fleur Ring.

While living out west, Jonesy loved being outdoors. Whether she was skiing, hiking or camping, she found peace and happiness surrounding herself with nature. The pristine and snow-capped mountains of Aspen in the winter to the wildflower filled fields of Crested Butte influenced some of Jonesy’s jewelry designs. These influences are seen in her Asher Chain Link Necklace, and matching bracelet, to her River Huggie Hoop Earrings.

You can also feel Jonesy’s southern roots and warmth when you wear a lot of her jewelry designs. Jonesy has a distinctive and soft southern drawl when she speaks accompanied with impeccable elegance and a great sense of style. People are naturally drawn to her and want to copy her signature look. And many do so by wearing Jonesy’s Sutton Huggie Hoop earrings or getting “zapped” with Jonesy’s permanent welded jewelry line.

Finally, her jewelry creations were galvanized with her children in mind. In the beginning, she designed jewelry for young mothers who needed durable and indestructible accessories. Jewelry that could not be destroyed or ripped apart by tiny, little hands. As her children have gotten older, her jewelry designs have evolved into delicate, sophisticated and chic statement pieces. And, her jewelry line ranges from simple and modern to avant-garde and quaint.

Jonesy’s creative spark was ignited by her travel experiences and her family. And, all of her experiences inspired the creation of Jonesy Wood.

What does Jonesy Love Most?

Jonesy loves people. And, she loves to make people happy. She also loves the environment. So, a Jonesy Wood jewelry design is made from recycled metals and love. Jonesy spends a lot of time ensuring each one of her jewelry pieces have gone through quality control before they are worn.

She also wants her customers to be happy with their purchases. She believes in providing excellent customer service both during and after the jewelry buying process. Jonesy knows she has built her loyal fan base by offering quality products and excellent customer service. 

Jonesy and Chelsea (Jonesy’s jewelry partner-in-crime and permanent jewelry welder aficionado) work together to create a unique experience for their Jonesy Wood Design customers. They want their customers to have an amazing experience both in-person and on their website. Whether you are looking for a novel jewelry piece or a one-of-a-kind experience then you need to purchase a Jonesy Wood jewelry creation. Be sure to visit Jonesy’s store for a memorable welded-jewelry experience.

Who does Jonesy Wood Design for?

Jonesy Wood designs for all women — mothers, daughters, sisters and friends. As she has grown as a mother with her children, her designs have evolved with her, changing from adorable, durable and easy-to-wear with littles to more high-end distinctive designs to be worn day or night.

Jonesy designs for the mom rushing from yoga to a playdate to carpool.  A woman who loves to wear leggings, criss-cross backless tops, a high messy bun and tennis shoes, or a white tank top, faded blue jeans and sandals. She designs for Boss Babes. Women who are running a board room meeting and attending a dance recital after work. She designs for moms who are always busy, looking for jewelry that is both versatile, durable and unique.

If you are looking for a statement piece for a special occasion, or an everyday piece to complement your style, then you need to check out Jonesy Wood. Every piece at Jonesy Wood is custom, unique and so glam — just like you.

Jonesy Wood designs for every woman. Her designs are timeless and elegant with a hint of minimalist bohemian chic.